Radonne (midweek Post) for June 22, 2022 – The Longest Bike Path in the United States

Photo Credit Ella Wei at Pexels

There are those bicyclists amongst us that would rather ride a bike path designed specifically for that purpose. They’d rather just spin for a number of miles and avoid any possible encounter with cars or other vehicles.

Personally, I choose to ride on the road because I Iike a variation in terrain and I enjoy doing climbs. I will admit, however, that sometimes I opt for a bike path here and there, and I’ll also admit it feels good to be off the road where I might not get run down by some inattentive or hostile driver. But the truth is, I appreciate and admire people who choose to spend their day on bikes doing any kind of ride.

Most bike paths are usually gravel, such as ones I’ve encountered in Wisconsin when I lived in that part of America. More commonly, though, bike paths are paved over old (and now defunct) railway lines as part of a “rails to trails” initiative. Here in Ohio (and in other parts of the country), paved bike paths are just that.

There are bike paths, however, such as in some European cities and in places like Denver, Colorado, where bike paths are built for bicyclists to get around to avoid vehicle traffic. Minnesota, it so happens, is one of those places. In fact, Minnesota contains over 4,000 miles of paved bike trails, 315 miles of which will lead a rider from St. Paul to the Canadian border.

Photo credit for 飞 谢 at Pexels

Another great choice for a bike path in Minnesota is the Paul Bunyan State Trail. It runs for 115 miles and is the longest bike trail in the country. Along the way, you’ll pass many lakes, which is what Minnesota is known for. You might even come across the Paul Bunyan and Babe Blue Ox Statues.

These are just a few of the highlights of the bicycling available in Minnesota. Check out the Travel & Leisure links above to learn more. While Minnesota isn’t listed as one of the best biking locations from around the world, it really should be.

Have you made your summer travel plans yet? If you’re a bicyclist or you have bicycle enthusiasts in your family, Minnesota is an excellent location to get in some miles, see some sites, and spend quality family time.

Have you done bike rides in Minnesota? Have you ridden other bike paths in the United States, Europe, or other places around the world? Please like, share, and comment on this post and let me know. I’m always looking for new places to ride as well.

Author: Doug McNamee

Freelance Content Writer, Travel Writer, Editor, and poet.

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