VeloViews for Friday, May 27, 2020 – Final Stage of the Giro d’Italia

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It’s almost the end of May and it is also close to the end of the Giro d’Italia. There are only two stages left in the 21-stage race, the last being an individual time trial that takes place on Sunday in Verona, Italy.

That means the race leaders can either lose or gain more time from the other contenders for the Maglia Rosa (pink sweater in English) and the prized trophy. Usually, the last stage of a grand tour race is fairly relaxed. But since this will be a 17-kilometer (a little over 10 miles) individual time trial against the clock, the riders will probably give their all. Fortunately, this stage looks fairly flat, but the tour organizers usually add on a short climb.

Picture of Giro d’Italia Trophy by Mauro Dalla Pozza from

The end of the Giro d’Italia means the riders can rest a little before their next big event or the next Grand Tour on the race calendar. That race would, of course, be what is considered the pinnacle in the triple crown of cycling, the Tour de France.

Some pros in the past who won the Giro (or one of the other Grand Tours) may go on to try for a “tour double,” which is when they attempt to win two of the three grand tours consecutively. Not many pro riders, however, have been successful with that endeavor.

It’s a brief post this week so you can have some time on your bike over the weekend and perhaps take in the closing stages of the Giro d’Italia. Next week, I’ll be back with another famous European climb. Until then, please like, share, and comment if you liked this post. And if you’re in the United States and reading this, have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Author: Doug McNamee

Freelance Content Writer, Travel Writer, Editor, and poet.

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