VeloViews for April 22, 2022 – Famous European Climbs (St. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland)

Photographer and source Unknown

This week for VeloViews I’m featuring a climb that appears frequently during the Tour of Switzerland, the St. Gotthard Pass. At 2,106 meters (7,000 feet) and a part of the Alps that crosses over the Saint Gotthard Massif, it connects northern Switzerland with southern Switzerland. As you can see, the climb contains many switchbacks, something that is always fun and challenging to ride.

I’ve personally never ridden this road nor in Switzerland, but I was fortunate enough to visit Zurich many years ago. And if the beauty of that swiss town is typical of the country, then this climb must be quite something.

Once again, and as the weekend approaches, I hope this photo inspires you to get out for some rides. I know I will be as the weather is going to be sunny and in the 80s here in Ohio. Pretty crazy for April in the midwest but I’ll take it!

Have any of you been to Switzerland? Have you ridden this famous climb? Please like, comment, or share and tell me about it, even if you haven’t been there to visit or ride and maybe hope to do so one day.

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