VeloViews for April 29, 2022 -Famous European Climbs (Passo Gavia)

Unknown Photographer

Sticking with last week’s VeloViews as a ramp-up to the Giro d’Italia in May/ June, here is another climb used in the stage race: Passo Gavia. The Gavia is considered the highest mountain pass in the Italian Alps with an elevation of 9,000 feet.

This is one of the roads I got to ride on my Italian cycling trip in 2014, and I can testify to its steepness and also its difficulty. I was there in late June and there was still snow on the mountain.

Picture at the top of the Passo di Gavia

While the climb up the Gavia was tough, the descent was slightly terrifying. I was so glad I had disc brakes on my rental Pinarello as there is no guardrail, and if one were to go over the edge, chances of survival would probably be zero.

This descent also includes some sharp switchbacks. Let’s just say you should take your time descending and not be overly confident unless you’ve done lots of riding in the mountains before. Stop and take some pictures because the scenery is breathtaking and you’ll always remember this experience.

Clearly, I’m not a pro rider but as long as you are fit and your bike is in good shape, you should be fine. Don’t let my warnings about the Gavia scare you away from riding it, it’s ridden frequently by amateur bicyclists. Plus, any chance you get to ride a road that challenges your fitness and skills on the bike, you should certainly give it a shot.

What’s the highest elevation you’ve ridden on your bike? Would you ride the Passo di Gavia or something similar? Do you have plans to ride the roads of the Giro d’Italia on your own or with a group?

Please like, share, and comment on this post and tell me about climbs you’ve done in Europe or other places on your bike.

Author: Doug McNamee

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