Veloview for May 5, 2023 – Garda Bike Hotel, Verona, Italy

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Do you have a trip planned to Italy this spring or summer? Maybe you’d like to make your ordinary European adventure into something extraordinary? If you are a cyclist craving a new adventure and want to transform your static vacation into an active one, then a stay at the Garda Bike Hotel in Verona, Italy might be for you.

A Typical Cycling Vacation

If you want to take an active, cycling vacation in Europe, in most cases that means you have to book it through a bicycle travel company as part of a large group. That means you will probably get to spend limited time in certain areas.

Unfortunately, this is pretty typical of most cycling vacations. While you’ll experience dynamic Italian scenery, the chance for real immersion in the culture, food, and people who live there will either be brief or non-existent. Then the next day, you pack up and go to a different place.

Additionally, while these trips are organized and led by experienced cyclists, most of them are not locals. So, if you want to explore a certain place, you are left to your own resources to find places to eat or things to do in the limited time you might have available.

What and Where is the Garda Bike Hotel?

Garda Bike Hotel (GBH) offers something a bit more unique. Based in Verona in northern Italy, GBH is specifically a cycling-themed hotel located in the Lake Garda and Verona Region. It is run by two brothers, Alberto and Nicola Verdolin, who also lead rides along with an experienced local staff.

Since 2005, the brothers have offered bike tours for all levels of cyclists from the enthusiast to the hardcore roadie. That means you can stay in one central location at the hotel and explore many different kinds of rides. GBH offers different daily rides, no ride being in the same area or the same roads.

GBH is a full-service hotel with a pool and a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The hotel has 42 rooms and three suites. In addition, the hotel gives guests access to a garden area to relax as well as the choice to rent a bike to get around town.

If you don’t want to pack up your own bike and ship it to Italy or you don’t want to pay expensive luggage costs to fly with it, there is another option. GBH has a stable of Pinarello bikes for rent.

Andiamo Cycling and Other Northern, Italy Locations

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If Lake Garda and Verona don’t quench your lust for exploration, you can go one step further with Garda Bike Hotel’s sister company and do a tour with Andiamo Cycling. It covers the more challenging regions of the Dolomites, Lake Como, the Italian Alps, Tuscany, etc.

Andiamo not only has tours of just these areas like so many tour operators. The company also gives its guests access to famous Italian cycling events and Granfondos. Guests can participate in the Maratona Dles Dolomites, Granfondos Strade Bianche, Pinarello, Il Lombardia, and more.

Garda Bike Hotel Ride Packages

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With most cycling vacation companies, you will be grouped in with riders of various experience levels. You’ll also ride a specific route that is moderate to hard to really hard. That can sometimes be intimidating if you are an enthusiast but not as strong as some other riders.

Garda Bike Hotel offers four packages geared toward small groups, families, private groups, and solo riders. Prices and times these packages are available may vary, so visit the website to find more specific information.

Last Thoughts

The idea of a cycling-themed hotel is great. It’s an excellent way to explore an area in Italy that offers exceptional cycling. It’s also nice to know that if you are not the world’s strongest road rider, the hotel caters to all levels of riders.

A bike hotel gives its guests the chance to stay in a central location while getting some full cultural immersion and views of Verona with easy access to other areas in northern Italy. And with high-end bike rentals, all you have to do is book a flight. Maybe I’ll see you there one day soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Author: Doug McNamee

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